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About Film & Animation / Student currently misses California. . .22/Female/United States Group :iconseidia-lothend: Seidia-Lothend
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Azure by Taluns
by Taluns

The overall image is very lovely and has a good composition. You seem to know what you're doing when it comes to layout and color choic...




HigginstheAwesome's Profile Picture
currently misses California. . .
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
There isn't much to say about myself since I'm a rather plain and boring person.
On the outside. My mind is quite strange and ununderstandable. See? I made up a word. That proves it.
I love many animals, own many animals, love dragons, and anime (Hetalia, Trinity Blood, Zone-00, etc etc). Don't hesitate to talk to me or anything. I won't bite. Unless you really piss me off.
Then THAT would be a different story. ;)


AT: Aeriel by HigginstheAwesome
AT: Aeriel
My half of an art trade with :iconmelodisketch: of her character Aeriel. I hope I got all the details right o v o; I made her sword blue but hopefully I did the right shade. She was fun to work on. The blue markings on her face really stand out and I love heterochromia (diff colored eyes) a lot. :D

Done on Photoshop CS3
Art (c) :iconhigginstheawesome:
Aeriel (c) :iconmelodisketch:

Her Half:
  • Mood: Tired


All commission types are currently OPEN
Only PAYPAL and DA POINTS are accepted!

 You can also contact me at


    ·         Half of the total payment must be sent before any work is started. A small preview of the product is all that will be given until the rest of the payment is received. Once the second payment has been paid in full, the final, full-size and un-watermarked version will be given.

    ·         I will not provide refunds of the first payment once work has started. Refunds can only be returned before then.

    ·          Deadlines may be requested as long as they're reasonable and I am given enough time to work on this (at least a week). I must be notified from the beginning about the deadline. If these guidelines are not followed,  I will not take your order.

    ·          I have the right to decline any order without giving a specific reason.

    ·         The art I do for you is still mine. You cannot claim the art as yours.

    ·         I don't mind if you use the art for icons or personal things, but please make sure to credit me for the art. Please do not repost to other sites if you are not the commissioner.

    ·         Commissioners can repost the commissioned art ONLY if I am given credit and am linked back to. Please also show me the reposted work so I can make sure you have followed the guidelines.


  • Anthros
  • Animals
  • Dragons
  • OCs
  • Canon Characters
  • Pokemon
  • Feel free to ask as well for anything I haven't listed that you're interested in. The worst you can get is a no.

  • Mech
  • NSFW


To begin, please send me a note with details. I require a fully-colored reference, or at minimum, a clean reference with a labeled color palette. Other commissions you've had done work as well so long as I have a good enough understanding of your character.

Note format:

Character Reference (can be multiple images/links)
Commission Type (please specify if you're ordering multiple types of commissions and make it clear which character(s) is being done in what type of commission)

Character Personality (I need to know what your character's personality is like so I can pose them properly. A malicious character is not going to be posed in a cute style)
Payment Method (only PayPal and DA Points are accepted)
Extra Notes (any specific poses or other requests should be stated here. this includes deadlines requests. This is optional)


This information will help me to make sure that your commission is accurately done.

 Status Information:

All commissions that have been ordered will be shown on a list that will also note the current status of the commissions so you can see what progress has been made.

If you have any questions while I'm working on your commission, please feel free to note me. You can also request to see progress made, however please only do so when I'm working on your commission.


Commission Types and Prices

Note: Point equivalent is 100 points = $1


Human/Gijinka Chibi

Example 1:
 Rondonu copy Ex by HigginstheAwesome
Example 2:
Shinigami copy Ex by HigginstheAwesome

No Bg: $20

Simple Bg: $25

Detailed Bg:  $30


Non-Human/Creature Chibi

 Example 1:
Maven Ex by HigginstheAwesome
Example 2:
Chestnut copy Ex by HigginstheAwesome

No Bg: $20

Simple Bg: $25

Detailed Bg: $30


Non-Human/Anthro Bust

eon 02 by higginstheawesome-d83os43 Ex by HigginstheAwesome

No Bg: $15

Simple Bg: $20


Human/Gijinka Bust

Bust 01 Ex by HigginstheAwesome

No Bg: $15

Simple Bg: $20


Standard/Non-Chibi Illustration

 Example 1:
Dialga Ex by HigginstheAwesome
Example 2:
Rosa vs Niro Ex by HigginstheAwesome

No Bg: $25

Simple Bg: $30

Detailed Bg: $40


Character Reference/ Turn

Biscuit Turn Ex by HigginstheAwesome
Biscuit Poses and Expressions Ex by HigginstheAwesome

Three Views: $60

Four Views: +$5

1 View Colored: +$5

2 View Colored: +$10

3 View Colored: +$15

All View Colored: +$20

+3 Expressions: +$10

+6 Expressions: +$20

Clay Lucky Cats by HigginstheAwesome
Clay Lucky Cats
Haven't done anything with clay recently. Decided to make these two to hopefully bring in some luck cuz I really need it right now. >> They're based on two characters (twin brothers) from my Sea Fang series. 

Made with Premo Sculpey  (pre-colored clay). Took a good few hours on each. 

Characters/designs/sculpts (c) :iconhigginstheawesome:
Suicune by HigginstheAwesome
3rd of the 3 dogs I did a couple years ago. Originally drawn on paper and then scanned to photoshop to color. I really wanted to draw the 3 again since I hadn't in a long time. Plus drawing legendaries during boring classes is fun. Admittedly I have a harder time drawing Suicune than the others. . .

Colored in Photoshop CS3
Art (c) :iconhigginstheawesome:
Suicune belongs to Nintendo/GameFreak
I do have commissions me open. Feel free to send me a note with questions.

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Which character would you like me to do?
HigginstheAwesome Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015  Student Filmographer
Sure! ^^ Can you give me a small description of her personality? 

And if maybe you could give this guy a try?…
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